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A NFL Player's Playbook for Game Day Success with Geoff Swaim, Arizona Cardinals

Hey, butthole breathers! Welcome to this special edition, where we're pulling back the curtain on NFL life with none other than Geoff Swaim. Yep, G off, as I like to call him. We're diving into the nitty-gritty of what it's like to be a pro football player, and trust me, it's a wild ride.

Geoff spills the beans on his journey from Northern California to the NFL, recounting his nine-year career, injuries, and unexpected realizations along the way. Forget about those cliche goals of playing in the league; the Geoff story is refreshingly down-to-earth.

We chat about game-day rituals, and you won't believe the Geoff night-before-game tradition—vanilla ice cream and a cookie, anyone? And he took the last bus to the game. Leaving room for time to get in the game without having to be “pumped up.”.

It's not all fun and games.  Geoff gets real about handling injuries, both physically and mentally, shedding light on the importance of nerve health and advocating for self-awareness in the relentless world of professional football.

The NFL player opened up about the crucial deal of asking for and embracing help, a vibe that's not just a football thing but an all-around life deal. He spilled about the early days when adulting hit him hard as a young player, giving props to his wife for being the real MVP in his corner.

We got into the nitty-gritty of talking openly and being cool with accepting a helping hand, because, let's be real, trying to do it all solo isn't always the smart move. We went deep on checking the ego, admitting you ain't the superhero all the time, and drawing a parallel between leveling up personally and crushing it on the field.

Bottom line: whether you're in the NFL or just doing your regular hustle, teamwork means knowing it's okay to lean on each other when life throws curveballs.

So, kick back, relax, and join the conversation as we get an exclusive peek behind the scenes with the one and only  Geoff Swaim, tight end for the Arizona Cardinals, NFL.

Let's do this!


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