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Back Pain, Pelvic Floor, Knee Pain, and the RM Technique: Answering your Unsolved Health Questions

Let's talk about your burning questions in our special segment called "Ask Audra Anything." But first, I want to share some exciting news. Doctor Pavel Colar, a renowned neurosurgeon, guided me at the DNS School of Rehabilitation in Prague. His cutting-edge rehab techniques have revolutionized my practice and I can't wait to share all the amazing insights I've gained.

I've learned from treating patients over the years that stress and mindset are also important. Healing is a holistic process that takes more than just physical intervention.

Let's get to your questions!

Can treating my back help my pelvic floor and knee?

She had knee and lower back problems, and different doctors gave her conflicting advice. We came up with a plan that focused on her lower back, which caused her knee problems. It's amazing how one area can impact others. I was so excited when she told me, "I haven't peed myself since I worked on my back". A surprising benefit of this approach was that her pelvic floor also benefited.

Where do you find time to do everything?

I've been asked if my episodes are scripted. I'll tell you the truth - they're not! English isn't my strong suit, but that's what makes it so authentic and fun. Honestly, I don't have time for scripting, and I wouldn't enjoy it if I did. Fun is key to everything, including healing.

How RM Techniques works.

We have to heal. In order for the brain to recognize this stuff correctly, we have to fix the compensation patterns and integrate them across the whole body. Then I use my RRM techniques, restorative movement techniques, that combine this amazing treatment from around the world from these amazing people. I've studied all over the world, but RM focuses on stress and mindset. I've treated thousands of patients over the years and if those two things aren't addressed, we don't win the things in our careers, we don't win the things in life. That's why we have to deal with it all. That's why I created RMM.

Morton's Neuroma: What is it?

In Morton's Neuroma, the nerve sack gets inflamed, causing pain between your toes, numbness, and tingling. It's aggravating and really hurts. Often, doctors will tell you to inject it, but what we need to do is look at the whole foot.

What do you do after getting an injection?

Don't forget to do your rehab and put in the effort to change how your brain works. That's going to come back or you're gonna hurt something else down the line if you don't put in rehab time to correct the issue you will cause more pain or a secondary injury.

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