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Back Surgery Recovery, Plantar Fasciitis, and Male Pelvic Floor: Set Yourself up for Success (AAA) A

Hey there, butthole breathers! I'm coming to you from the beach today. That's right, the beach! I know it's not your typical podcasting spot, but I'm all about setting yourself up for success, and this change of scenery is inspiring me. And today I'm bringing you another AAA, Ask Audra Anything.

Thanks for trusting me and asking me questions in the DMs. I'm here to help you get to the root of your pain! My DMs are always open, so keep sending those questions.


  • How do I recover from back surgery? Many of you have asked about post-surgery recovery. Having surgery isn't the end of the world, but rehab and scar tissue are crucial. You're not doomed; just follow the right steps.

  • Is there a connection between back surgery and plantar fasciitis? Have you ever wondered if back surgery can cause plantar fasciitis? Well, it's possible if you don't deal with scar tissue and compensation patterns correctly. I'm so excited that you can see how everything is connected. And you can get back in the game and have fun doing it. I've got you covered. Check out the Planter Fasciitis Game Plan and get on track today!

  • Do males have a pelvic floor? Now let's talk about something surprising: the male pelvic floor. It's not just for women. If your pelvic floor isn't working right, it can cause lower back pain and digestive problems. Men, if you have low back pain, groin pain, difficulty getting an erection, trouble orgasming, testicular discomfort, pain, numbness, constipation, or digestive issues, that might be pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • How do I find the right practitioner for me? You might have to do some trial and error to find the right healthcare practitioner. Find someone who gets you excited about getting better, and you can vibe with them. Remember, it takes a team to achieve some of the goals you desire, so don't be afraid to branch out from your main practitioner.

I've got a fantastic announcement: the Elite Edge Club! It's a three-month membership that gets you your first virtual appointment with me. I'll pick the most appropriate doctor from my team to follow through on your case. There are only 8 spots, so keep an eye on Instagram for updates.

Remember, you only have one life and one body, so let's make it amazing! Toodaloo, butthole breathers!

Grab your Game Plan: In short, these Game Plans are a way to save you time and money–who doesn't need that? No more need to Google for hours about the best exercises or spend thousands on devices that promise to fix you. In each Game Plan, you will receive everything you need in a series of easy-to-watch videos. Click here to choose yours.

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