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Chronic Pain, Leaking, and Tight Shoulders: Stop Accepting These Things As Normal, Part 3

Hey there, my fellow butthole breathers!

How are you doing in 2024? I’m coming to you from the last hour before my podcast is due, talk about living life on the edge, right? Procrastination has become my sidekick lately, and honestly, sometimes the pressure brings out the best in me.

Today I’m spilling the beans on our incredible Chili trip over Christmas. Picture this: breathtaking landscapes, tight shoulders from hiking, and a hilarious moment when my husband realized massaging me was more exhausting than he thought. It got me thinking about the intensity of my job, working on professional athletes and celebrities. It's a rollercoaster, but it's what I love.

Speaking of dreams, I pondered the lottery scenario. If I ever hit the jackpot, I'd still work, but on my own terms. More charity work, volunteering with dogs, cats, kids, cancer patients, you name it. And my South African Mastiff, Hayward, would probably become a therapy dog. He's got a gift, you know?

Now, what are the next three things we're over in 2024.

First off, chronic pain,no more just dealing with it.

We're digging deeper into hormones, diet, and the nervous system. It's about addressing the root cause, not just masking it with pills. Chronic Pain is normally a symptom of something that is going on in your body, even if your doctor seems to think it's all in your head, it's time to look deeper into the root of your pain. Don't let them gaslight you into accepting your pain isn't real.

Second, leaking.

Ladies, let's not waste time on random YouTube advice. Join me and Dr. Jordan Wiggins in our Pelvic Floor Fix program. We're talking actionable tools, progressive steps, and applying it to your life. Easy, right?

Lastly, tight shoulders and headaches.

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, close your lips, and keep your teeth apart. Inhale and exhale through your nose. Feel the tension in your cheeks melt away. This quick practice helps with jaw pain, neck pain, and tight shoulders. Give it a try for instant relaxation. Your body will thank you!

And guess what…

Did you know tight shoulders and headaches can also be connected to your pelvic floor? Inhale, exhale, and say goodbye to tension. Crazy how it’s all connected, right?


So, fellow butthole breathers, let's make 2024 the year of living our best lives, tackling challenges, and having a good laugh along the way.

Toodaloo for now!

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