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Combat Desk Job Chronic Pain with These 4 EASY Actionable Tips: Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Stress


Hey Butthole Breathers, I’m spilling the tea about how to combat chronic pain that you get from sitting all day. You know, those aches and pains from spending your day looking at screens. If you're slouching at a desk or working from home, this one's for you. I’m sharing practical tips to combat neck pain, back pain, chronic pain, and stress.

So what’s the real deal with sitting all day, is sitting REALLY the new smoking? What are the issues of prolonged sitting? Our muscles need movement.


Forget the old advice of rest and elevate; movement is the key to healing. Need to get moving come just me and my team for Friday flows on Instagram, offering free movements for desk warriors. Whether you're at a desk or working from home, we've got you covered.

Don’t get me started on the consequences of poor posture. This could be the root cause of your pain as it creates neurological pathways that lead to pain. Fear not; I've got actionable tips to break those patterns. From the door stretch to low back moves, we're getting you out of that fight-or-flight mode. It's time to dance, move, and release tension.

Walking during meetings is my secret weapon. Take Zoom calls standing or stroll around during a call—it's a game-changer. Walking boosts blood flow, clears your mind, and releases muscle tension. And don't forget your feet; sitting all day is no friend to them.

It's time to combat that Chronic Pain

And the best thing you can do to combat pain from sitting all day on your butt at work, Butthole Breathing. Yes, use it, it's a powerhouse in combatting pain. Not only does it release muscle tension, but it also calms your nervous system for instant stability.

Remember, sharing is caring. Share this episode with your friend that is sitting on their butt right now at a desk, staring at a screen. Let's spread the love, help one another combat desk job discomfort, and destress together.

Stay tuned for more, Butthole Breathers—see you next week!

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