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Crappy Sleep, Gut Health, and Frequent Illness: Stop Accepting These Things As Normal, Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our exploration of the aspects we're bidding farewell to in 2024. If you haven't tuned in to Part One yet, we dove into topics like low libido and chronic fatigue, among others. So, give it a listen to catch up on the excitement.

Now, let me share a little tale from my recent literary adventure with "A Court of Thorn and Roses." Yes, I got a bit entangled in the series, discovering I read the last book first—a classic mix-up. If you've dived into this series, slide into my DMs on Instagram at @DrAudreLance and let me know if the one I skipped is worth the read.

But let's shift gears from books to something crucial: sleep.

Lack of sleep is a game-changer for all the wrong reasons, affecting healing, weight loss, mood, and more. My secret weapons? Magnesium and a killer bedtime routine, trust me, they make a world of difference.

Speaking of routines, have you considered creating a bedtime ritual? It's non-negotiable for me; athletes, celebrities, and even myself have unique rituals. For me, it involves a pre-bed breathwork session, quality reading, and, of course, my trusty magnesium.

A topic often overlooked but undeniably crucial is gut health.

There is a direct connection between gut health and well-being. You need to be advocating for yourself and your health through lifestyle changes, mindful eating, and hydration to tackle issues like GERD, acid reflux, or bloating. You don’t have to settle with these as the norm anymore.

Frequent illness.

Let’s shed light on the common acceptance of seasonal sickness. It stems from factors like inflammation, a lack of exposure to vitamin D, and insufficient activity. Alongside a commitment to staying hydrated, maintaining movement, and ensuring adequate vitamin intake, I encouraged a shift in mindset towards a more proactive approach to well-being.

As we bid adieu to 2024 annoyances: sleep troubles, digestive issues, and constant illness, let’s start embracing our quality sleep, nurturing your gut, and fortifying your immune system with Vitamin D and C. For a game-changing program, check out the Pelvic Floor Fix – Tickle Me Pink Edition, co-hosted with hormone specialist Dr. Jordan Wiggins. The early bird pricing is still on, so don't miss out! Stay warm on your snow days, and join me next week for the third part of our 2024 revelations.

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