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Stress: The Good, The Bad, and the Chronic Pain Connection (Under the Surface Health Side Effects SERIES)

Hey there, butthole breathers! How are we doing today? I’m super excited to dive into part two of our series, Under the Surface: Health Side Effects. If you haven’t listened to part one yet, don’t worry; you can go back and check it out anytime. We're tackling some controversial topics that I get asked about all the time, and today, we're talking about a big one: stress. Is it good? Is it bad? Let’s find out.

Stress often gets a bad rap, and rightly so in many cases. But there are aspects of stress that are actually good for us. Stress affects everything from your injury and pain healing time to autoimmune diseases, illnesses, chronic pain, cancers, and brain fog. It’s huge! We don't talk about it enough, but it’s impacting your health big time.

At my practice, we dig into your life and determine your stressors and how they correlate to your pain or injury. You can read research papers from places like Harvard showing a correlation between stress and cancer. My journey with mysterious illnesses has shown me how big a component stress is.

So, while stress is bad, it can also be good. Sounds crazy, right?

Here are a couple of examples of good stress:

  1. Loading Your Tissues and Joints: We need to add stress to our tissues and joints to keep them working and growing. This kind of stress makes our muscles stronger. Think about professional athletes—loading their tissues is how they perform better. This applies to everyone. If you’re not strength training, you’re more prone to arthritis and other issues. Just move and load those tissues a couple of times a week, even if it’s just bodyweight exercises.

  2. Excitement and Nervousness: Positive stress, like getting a new job, going to a concert, or a big game, is still stress. It can make your pain better or worse. Recognize this and manage it. Everyone needs a 30-second daily reset plan and a solid morning routine. My friend Louis, who was on the podcast, said, “You gotta win the morning.” I love that. Start your day with a routine that sets you up for success and manages stress.

Take a moment in the morning to breathe, do some press-ups and stretches, and write down a few things you’re grateful for. It only takes a few minutes and can make a big difference. Or make it longer—go for a walk, get some vitamin D, or maybe even work out. It’s all about finding what works for you and helps you manage stress.

Share this episode with someone you know who’s super stressed out. Understanding the connection between stress and pain is crucial.

Stay tuned for part three.

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