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The Stress - Chronic Pain Connection: Why We're Not Talking About It

Hey there, my feisty butthole breathers! Today, we're diving into the rabbit hole of a mind-blowing fact: a whopping 725 billion bucks were splurged on something in the medical field, any guesses? It's expected to hit over a trillion by the end of 2025.

Now, I'm not buying into the hype, and I'm calling some serious BS on this.

So, what's the deal? Why are we tossing truckloads of cash into the mystery of chronic pain? It's time to pull back that curtain, especially for us medical professionals. What's the story? Are we being bamboozled?

Let me throw something at you - the gut-brain connection. It's legit science. Your gut microbiome can mess with your head, literally. Anxiety and depression are all linked to that gut of yours. Ignore nutrition and inflammation management, and guess what? Your mood and pain level pays the price.

But that's not all. Stress and pain have a secret affair we're not acknowledging. We're all stressed, right? Yet, where's our stress scale at the doctor's office? Rate your pain from 0 to 10, but what about stress? That’s MIA.

How stressed are you, really? Lost your job? Sick? Fighting with your peeps? Or maybe it's good stress, a wedding, a move, a workout. Yeah, stress has flavors.

But here’s the kicker,  stress messes with your body’s pain response, pleasure centers, and even how fast you heal. No kidding! Your stress levels directly link with the chemicals in your body, flipping the inflammation switch, and voila, pain!

Why aren't we shouting about this from the rooftops?

Because it's not a money-making magic pill. No quick fixes here. You gotta take some responsibility for your well-being. I've been there, the "I'm so stressed, it's great" phase. Spoiler: it backfired big time and left me with a mystery illness.

We need to talk about stress, breath, and how it's all tangled up in pain. No more dodging the crunchy stuff. Stress affects your stability, your nervous system, and even how you breathe. Breathing is the secret sauce, my friends.

So, join me in breaking the silence. Share, tag, and let’s get real about the stress-pain connection!

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