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The Burnout, Sexual Health, Pleasure Connection for High Achievers Dr. Jordin Wiggins


We are spilling the beans on what high achievers go through—the emotional rollercoaster, burnout, and physical struggles. Burnout, anxiety, and sexual issues take the spotlight. We're getting real about our burnout battles, shining a light on the tough road high achievers face when trying to get a grip on their emotions, even when they seem to have it all. Dr. Jordin Wiggins hammers home the need for game plans that work for burnout in high-achievers, breaking down the exhaustion, adaptation, and crash phases that hit them hard.

And guess what? Burnout isn't just messing with your mood; it's doing a number on your sexy side too, messing with hormones, mindset, and libido. Dr. Jordin, a go-to for natural healing for low libido and bedroom issues, goes beyond the usual hormone talk, digging into the deeper reasons behind the lack of desire. We're also digging into how burnout and nerves mess with the pleasure buttons in your brain, putting a damper on libido and messing with your intimacy vibe.

But wait, there's more to the story! Let's talk about the nitty-gritty: pelvic floor issues are a thing we need to tackle for a happier, healthier sex life. Dr. Jordin spills the tea on her journey through pelvic pain, spilling the beans on how pelvic floor physiotherapy and some sneaky breathing tricks saved the day. We're all about shouting out for a pelvic floor workshop, shouting loud about how lots of folks need this kind of help, especially when it comes to the low libido and desire blues.

So, why do high achievers keep on hustling, even when their health is yelling "timeout" and traditional healthcare is falling short? Dr. Jordin's on a mission to tackle nervous system chaos, cortisol craziness, hormone havoc, and mental health for high performers.

Bottom line? It's crucial to reach out for help, lean on your crew, and have some heart-to-heart talks with your healthcare squad about what's going on below the belt and between the sheets.

Dr Jordin Wiggins ND (Inactive), HBSc, Sexologist

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