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THE SUN and Chronic Pain, Illness, and Stress (Under the Surface Health Side Effects SERIES)

If you're sick of struggling with chronic pain, menopause, stress management, and more, you're going to want to listen up. This is a new series I'm doing called Under the Surface: Health Side Effects.

Today, we're diving into part one, focusing on the health side effects of THE SUN.

Welcome to the new series, Under the Surface: Health Side Effects. Today, we’re diving into the health side effects of the sun. There's so much out there. It feels like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. For example, health advice can be very controversial with cold plunges and fasting. But today, I'm focusing on the sun.

We've all heard that the sun is bad for you. But some things don't add up when you dig into the research. Like people who never go out in the sun but still get skin cancer. Moderation is key, and what's good for you may differ from someone else. Always consult a good team of doctors for personalized advice.

Today, I'm talking about four side effects of the sun:

  1. Decreases Pain: Sun exposure and vitamin D3 can help reduce pain. Vitamin D is crucial for health and longevity. It's as simple as getting some sunlight daily.

  2. Boosts Immunity: Sunlight increases immunity. Many people are sick in winter due to lack of quality vitamin D. Supplementing is important, especially in darker months.

  3. Decreases Inflammation: Proper vitamin D levels decrease inflammation, which also helps reduce pain and boost immunity.

  4. Improves Mood: Sunlight improves mood. Even just a bit of sunlight can make you feel better.

We need to supplement vitamin D correctly, especially for conditions like menopause, arthritis, and chronic pain. Get outside for 30 minutes a day, break it up if you need to, and just enjoy the sun.

I'm excited to continue this series, so please share this with a friend struggling with these issues. Sign up for the email list for deeper dives in future episodes.

Have a great day!

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