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Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll & The Pursuit of Happiness with Louis Newman, Drummer & Ontological Coach

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Join me for this casual chat with Louis Newman, an incredibly talented drummer. You're in for a treat as we dive deep into the pursuit of happiness through success!

We get to hear about Louis' journey, starting as a young, passionate musician. He's all about chasing your dreams and putting in the work to succeed. Guess what? This man spills the beans on the rock and roll lifestyle - it's not just sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

We're also tackling the importance of staying grounded and connected in life. Connecting with others isn't just good for your soul; it's the key to success and happiness. Because we like to keep things interesting, we're talking about alternative approaches to helping people at their lowest points.

We're not stopping there! We're taking on the beast called complacency. We're sharing our own stories of bouncing back from epic fails and roadblocks.

We're into technology too. Talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of how it affects our relationships. Louis has some eye-opening insights into smartphone and social media addiction that you won't want to miss.

In the spirit of happiness, let's take a look at the concept itself. Here's a spoiler: it's not fame, money, or power. Finding balance in life is the real key to happiness, so let's keep it simple.

We're also serving up some wisdom on the roles of accomplishment and creativity in happiness, the importance of selflessness, and how constructive criticism keeps the drumming world on its toes. Plus, you'll hear all about Louis' personal journey from a young drummer in England to finding love and inspiration through music.

We're getting real about success and failure, coaching magic, and why it's the secret sauce for healing and growth. Don't worry, we're not ignoring the lurking danger of complacency and why perspective is your best friend in finding happiness.

So, if you're on a quest for happiness, success, and personal growth, this episode is made for you. Join us for this laid-back yet eye-opening conversation between friends. You won't regret it!

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