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The Medical System's Failure in Providing Quality Postpartum Care for Moms: Postpartum Fitness

Hey Player, welcome back to Mind Your Body! Can you believe we're already on Episode 25? I'm so grateful for all of your support.

Today, we're talking about something important: postpartum fitness.

Becoming a mom is an amazing experience, but it's also challenging. And the medical system doesn't do a great job of helping moms with postpartum fitness.

It's not okay to rush new moms back into intense workouts right after they give birth. Their bodies have just been through a lot, and they need time to heal and recover.

We need to come together and support each other during this important transition. If you're a mom or know someone who is, please share this episode with them.

Postpartum fitness is not a race. It's about gradually rebuilding your strength, both physically and mentally. Prioritize rest, get enough sleep, and focus on gentle movements and breathing exercises.

To all the incredible moms out there, stay strong, stay resilient, and take care of yourselves. Together, we can create a supportive community where postpartum fitness is about health, healing, and happiness.


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