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Beyond Physical Pain: The Witch Doctor's Holistic Approach

Updated: May 31, 2023

Your holistic approaches to improving your physical and mental well-being and performance aren't yielding the results you wanted in managing your pain. Trust me, it's not just you! Discover the world of Dr. Audra Lance, the Witch Doctor. That's me. I treat my clients' pain using a combination of physical and psychological components. It's common to believe that pain is coming from the place it hurts, but it could be coming from somewhere else. My practice uses holistic approaches because we must treat the body as a whole!

I am called the Witch Doctor for a reason. Most of the time they have lost hope of ever living pain-free when they reach my office, but after working with me for just a short time, their pain disappears like magic. In reality, I dig deeper to uncover the true cause of the pain. Many healthcare practitioners fail to do this. They leave their patients in pain and hopeless. I'm here to change that!

A person's mental and emotional health can directly affect their physical health. Stress often manifests in the form of physical ailments, such as headaches and stomachaches, when an individual is under stress. The connection between mental well-being and physical health is an essential part of holistic medicine, which promotes a more holistic and effective approach to healing. Stress and physical pain are interconnected, and I have seen the need for individuals to balance their psychological and emotional states through self-care practices in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result, patients are better able to recover their health and optimize their healing process.

Discover her true power as you explore her practice secrets in this episode.

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