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3 Lessons from having 2 Flat Tires: Show Up, Have Support, and Slow Down

Have you ever gotten a flat tire? What about two flats? My hand is raised because that just happened to me this week, and I'm going to tell you three lessons I learned from my three and a half hours on the side of the road.

Lesson One: Slow Down

Sometimes we just need to slow down, think, and breathe. You can kind of relate this to your body. Take time to rest, restore, and allow your body to heal. Maybe you need to work on your mobility. Maybe that's a little more strengthening. Remember to slow down and breathe into your butthole to recover. Or your body might force you to slow down with a sickness or an injury.

Lesson Two: Who supports you? Do you let them?

I had some time to think as I sat there on the side of the road. Thinking about what made my life meaningful, and who I had in my life. People were willing to help me out when I needed it. Although they couldn't help me because I had two flats and needed a tow truck, they were willing to be supportive. It was a beautiful reminder that I had a supportive community.

Lesson Three: Show Up

Although I was now late for my clients, I rearranged my schedule to accommodate everyone. Patients asked me about my day and how I was still in such a good mood. My goal was to show up for them in the best way possible, and this was their time to get help.

Don't forget to show up for yourself. Show up for your people, for your children. Be there for your dog, no matter what. Make sure you show up. That's sometimes the hardest part. Once you get started, everything else becomes easier.

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