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5 Signs You Are Deprioritizing Your Body

I’m talking about five unusual signs that you’re deprioritizing your body and how this ties into the idea that your issues are in your tissues. Plus, I’m looking at the connection with people pleasing.

First off, I want to say hi to all my butthole breathers out there. Have you done your butthole breathing? If not, check out episode 17. You’ll thank me later.

Today’s topic hits close to home because I’ve experienced these signs myself and see them in my patients all the time. These signs show that you’re putting yourself on the back burner, and your body is begging you to stop and refuel. It’s like a mayday call from your body.

The first sign is digestive issues, which can include anything from constipation to dry heaving. Your body is shouting, “Hey, pay attention to us!” Stress and emotional problems often appear in your body, and we must address the stress-pain connection.

The second sign is tingling sensations or numbness in your hands or feet. This could be due to nerve entrapment or a depletion of magnesium. Chronic people-pleasers, this might be you! You push through everything, but it’s time to stop and prioritize yourself.

The third sign is inflammation and puffiness, especially under your eyes. If you’re always swollen, your body is signaling something is wrong. We need to figure out what’s causing this stress and address it.

The fourth sign is waking up feeling stiff and in pain. If you feel like you need to oil your joints before moving, you’re likely super-depleted and stressed. It’s a sign to climb out of your hole and take care of yourself.

Lastly, the fifth sign is skin issues, like acne or eczema. Your body is saying, “Help me!” It’s time to give yourself some love and nurturing.

So, are your digestive issues, tingling sensations, inflammation, stiffness, and skin problems all signs you’re deprioritizing yourself? My guess is yes, and it’s time to change that. You only get one body. Take care of it.

Let's prioritize ourselves because we all deserve to live, move, and feel better.

Let’s go, team!

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