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Motivation, Pelvic Floor Health, and Endometriosis: AAA (Ask Audra Anything)


Can you believe it's almost the end of the year? I'm feeling all the feels thinking about everything that's happened. The birth of the Mind Your Body podcast, connecting with all of you, and helping so many people—it's been more than I could ever imagine.

Thank you for all the love and support. Now, let's dive into some questions I've got from y'all.

First up, someone asked if pelvic floor exercises can help with your sex life. And the answer is a big yes!

If you can't properly relax or activate your pelvic floor, you might not have the best time in the bedroom. These exercises can make a huge difference, and we'll be talking more about this in "Restore Your Pelvic Floor" on January 9th, mark your calendars! Plus, there's a special surprise at the end, but shh, it's a secret for those who join.

How can I be more motivated?

Motivation is key, folks. It's like deciding whether splurging on a Louis Vuitton bag is worth it; you've got to decide if your health is worth the investment. You can't expect to help others if you're not taking care of yourself first. So, make yourself a priority.

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis; will Restore Your Pelvic Floor help ease the pain?

If you're managing endometriosis, these exercises can effectively alleviate pain. By acquiring relaxation techniques that enhance your ability to address specific areas, you are likely to experience relief from inflammation and pain. How could this not contribute to alleviating your pain?

If you want to work with me at the beginning of the year,. I've got some exciting ways for you to work with me, like the Elite Edge Club, where you get virtual consultations with me, or joining "Restore Your Pelvic Floor."

So, don't miss out on the chance to learn more. I hope to see you there, and I can't wait for an amazing 2024!

Cheers, y'all!

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