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New Year, New You: Shifting Perspectives on New Year's Resolutions

I want to chat with you about the infamous new year, new me mindset. So many people kick off the year with grand New Year’s resolutions to transform their lives and health. But let’s be real, how many of us stick with it past the first six weeks? I've seen it time and time again - we commit to lofty goals that are just not sustainable in the long run.

Here's the deal: instead of trying to do a complete 180 with our lifestyles, I'm all about those little, sustainable changes. Because guess what? January might not be the best time to go all in on drastic changes. Our bodies are naturally craving rest during the winter.

So, what’s my game plan for you? Let’s start with a 30-second reset. Yep, just 30 seconds of doing something you enjoy without your phone—no tech allowed! Maybe it’s a short walk, sipping your coffee by the fireplace, or some deep breathing. It's all about nurturing and restoring your body, especially during this hibernation season.

But that's not all - I'm all about small, realistic movements. I’m not asking you to commit to grueling workout schedules. How about two days a week of 15 to 20 minutes of weightlifting and a couple of walks for good measure?

And let’s not forget about fueling our bodies with the right foods. I’m a big fan of a high-protein breakfast to set your day on the right track.

The key here is to set ourselves up for success, without the shame and overwhelm that often comes with overly ambitious goals.

So, here’s your challenge: join me in the 30-second reset, and let’s support each other in making these small, sustainable changes. Message me on Instagram and share what you’re doing for those 30 seconds, and let’s all do this together. Here’s to a successful 2024! Cheers.

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