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Real Talk on Stress, Pain, Health, and Self-Awareness with Tiffany Carter

Hey there, butthole breathers! I’m excited to introduce, Tiffany Carter, founder of ProjectME with Tiffany. We're spilling the tea on stress, trauma, and how they mess with our bodies. Tiffany opens up about her journey, shedding light on how trauma, stress, injuries, and her addiction to the hustle have affected her physical health, especially her knee and pelvic floor.

We dive into the nitty-gritty of being addicted to the hustle, relying on caffeine and other stimulants to keep us going. It's like this never-ending cycle, right? Opening up about the pressure society puts on us to achieve constantly, and how tough it is to break free from that mindset.

But hey, we're not just dwelling on the tough stuff. That’s what’s keeping us overwhelmed, sick, and in pain.

We're also celebrating the wins! Tiffany shifted from intense workouts to more straightforward activities like walking, resulting in the outcomes that she desired. It's a reminder that sometimes less really is more when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

And let's not forget about the importance of self-awareness and self-care. They're like our trusty sidekicks on this healing journey. Plus, we chat about the value of seeking professional support. Healing happens when you have a whole team cheering you on.

It’s s time to share some laughs and real talk, we want you to know that there's hope. We're all about facing challenges head-on and embracing personal growth. Because, let's be real, life's too short to just survive, we're here to thrive!

So come join us on this rollercoaster ride toward wholeness and joy. We're keeping it real, keeping it fun, and keeping it all about living our best lives.


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