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The Two Essential Things Every Patient Needs to Know About Healing

I want to share two things I wish people realized about healing.

First, healing takes time. Let me say that again: healing takes time. We live in a world where we want instant gratification. We want things now, whether Amazoning our groceries or getting a quick fix for our pain. But our bodies need time.

Whether you pulled your back standing up or have chronic neck pain, these issues didn't develop overnight. They've probably been going on for a long time. Even if the action that caused the injury was quick, that doesn't mean your body wasn't compensating for it through hundreds and thousands of motions, creating more inflammation. Healing takes time, and you've got to give your body that time to heal.

The second thing I wish more people knew is that the more you take care of yourself, the more you're going to be able to heal, tolerate stress, and be more productive.

This is something I've been working through personally. When you're constantly giving and not taking care of yourself, you run yourself down. But you feel so much better when you take care of your body, whether through regular performance care, eating well, strength training, or just going on walks every day. You're more in the moment, more tolerant of stress, and overall, more productive. It's about finding the balance and caring for yourself so you can give your best.

To sum it up, as a doctor, the two things I want you to realize are:

-healing takes time

-the more you take care of yourself, the more you'll see your life improve in the best way possible.

Life is meant for living. We want to be in the moment, and you deserve to move better, live better, and most importantly, feel better.

If you found this helpful, share it with someone who might need to hear it. And don't forget to sign up for my weekly pep talk emails for more insights and encouragement.

Have the best week, and remember, healing takes time and self-care is essential.

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