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What do you think of Chiropractors With Dr. Maddison McBurnie

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Dr. Maddison McBurnie joins Mind Your Body to answer the burning question: What do we think about chiropractors? Despite the fact that we both practice chiropractic, we treat patients differently than traditional chiropractors. When it comes to physical health and well-being, we both agree that many healthcare systems and professionals fall short.

We begin by digging into the impact of stress on pain and how our nervous system influences our perception of pain. Instead of focusing solely on pain relief, we need to address overall function and quality of life. One thing we often overlook is a good sleep hygiene regimen plays a huge role in mood, energy levels, food sensitivities, and healing. Slowly improving sleep habits and prioritizing self-care by taking time to breathe and be still are your secret weapon to healing.

Our practice addresses a wide range of conditions and issues, such as extremities, ankle problems, pelvic floor therapy, and migraine and headache management. It is common for people to turn to surgery as a quick fix, but we believe that noninvasive treatments should be considered first. In most cases, when you find a healthcare professional who can find the root of the issue, you will realize that you are treating the wrong problem.

Rather than focusing only on pain, it is important to communicate with patients, spend time with them, and understand their overall function and performance. For example, pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to low back pain and neck problems can lead to shoulder pain. If you treat the wrong area of the body they pain will remain. Identifying and addressing the root causes of these problems is so exciting. People who have spent years without relief finally find the freedom they need.

Join us as we share valuable insights and practical tips to prioritize their physical well-being and seek conservative management options for a variety of conditions.

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