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You're Pregnant, Now What? Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Dr. Erica Boland

Hey there, butthole breathers, let's dive into the world of pregnancy today! Are any mamas in the house? Or soon-to-be mamas? I'm thrilled to introduce our special guest, Dr. Erica Boland. She's not just a friend but also a midwife and a chiropractor, and she's here to share her unique insights and tackle some of the top questions we often receive about pregnancy.

What's the deal with midwives vs. OBs?

Midwives are all about low-risk, natural births and provide care throughout pregnancy, labor, and early postpartum. On the other hand, OBs have a broader scope, handling surgical procedures and high-risk pregnancies.

Ever wondered about the role of doulas?

Well, they're like your labor and birth sidekicks, offering emotional and physical support, being with you every step of the way, helping you advocate for yourself, and sticking around even when the hospital staff switches shifts.

Advocating for yourself during pregnancy and birth is essential. Dr. Erica suggests getting a doula on your team and learning how to ask questions to ensure your birthing experience aligns with your desires.

Now, let's address the big question: do you poop during childbirth? The answer is yes, most women do, but don't worry, your birthing team is totally prepared, and you might not even notice it happening.

When do you start postpartum care?

Postpartum care is also key, starting around two weeks after giving birth. It focuses on breath work, diaphragm release, functional progression, and possibly some strength training. The goal is to help you regain physical strength, stability, and movement, all while offering emotional support and addressing any postpartum concerns.

We'll be covering mucus plugs, finding your birthing care team, birthing the placenta, and so much more. If you're ready to cut through the misinformation about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, you're in the right place. It's all about getting comprehensive care, solid support, and advocating for the birthing experience you want.

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