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8 out of 10 People are Struggling with This Physical Pain: What is it?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Eight out of ten people complain about something that holds them back from living their best life free of pain. Can you tell me what it is?

Did you guess, lower back pain

Why is low back pain so common? What I found was beyond my wildest expectations. Through research and exploration, I discovered an unexpected truth - everyday activities can prevent injuries and promote healing. It's true, everyday activities can both promote and prevent healing. That's why I'm on a mission to help you move better, live better, and feel better. And you can start on this healing journey today.

Your first priority should be to address the underlying cause of the pain, not just its symptoms. It is not uncommon for symptoms to be masked by solutions that do not address the underlying problem. Leaving the issue open to recurrence at any time. The constant fear of the pain returning is no way to live your life. Find out what's causing the problem and develop a plan for fixing it based on the condition, not the symptoms.

There are many ways to treat low back pain, including addressing soft tissue components and improving functional movement patterns. People can prevent low back pain by addressing functional irregularities in their bodies. In order to relieve low back pain, it is crucial to correct a functional movement pattern, breathe correctly, release abdominal trigger points, and perform different exercises. As a form of prevention, I encourage daily movement in addition to walking or stretching.

My goal is for you to live a healthier, pain-free life. So I'm sharing my relief from lower back pain secrets with you today.


Think of this three-part audio series as a mini daily treatment for healing and preventing pain/injury. When you incorporate proper breathing mechanics and muscle cueing for just a few minutes a day, your brain will relax the neurological tension and spasm and allow the relief to flow. It's a method I use in my practice, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

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Grab your Game Plan:

In short, these Game Plans are a way to save you time & money–who doesn't need that? No more need to Google for hours about the best exercises or spend thousands on devices that promise to fix you. In each Game Plan, you will receive everything you need in a series of easy-to-watch videos. Click here to choose yours.


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