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You're Not Crazy: How to Find Answers When You're Not Getting the Medical Care You Need

Have you experienced undiagnosed illness, chronic pain, a weird symptom or a nagging feeling inside that something just isn't right in your body, but can't pinpoint the source? I get it. Doctors are overworked and have a limited amount of time to spend with you. They put your test results in your medical record and that's it. You're still feeling awful even though they've moved on. Are you getting the medical care you need?

Then you think, "I know it's not all in my head", but there doesn't seem to be any other explanation. Usually by this point, you've seen dozens of doctors with confusing lab results barely within range. Don't suffer on the sidelines, but put on your big girl/boy panties and take action.

As you know, I've been tapped on the shoulder by doctors and told it was anxiety or depression, but I knew that something else in my body was not right. At that moment, Google is your next step, and that makes you think you are dying of cancer. Then your lab results come back appearing semi-normal, and suddenly you think maybe I am crazy crazy.

This is something I hear all the time. You lose hope in finding an answer to feeling good because it's frustrating. You begin to feel this is just your new normal and way of thinking.

In case you are feeling hopeless, I want to share two client stories that can give you some hope. By advocating for themselves, they were able to find the answers and get some relief from their strange symptoms that were left undiagnosed. It took them reaching out to unexpected places to find the answer and solution.

Don't give up on finding the answers you know are out there. For your health and medical treatment, you are your best advocate. Take charge of your health.

You got this.


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