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Are You Soul Tired: Exhaustion Not Fixed by Sleep (Burnout Part 2)

Hey there, players! Last week's episode on burnout struck a chord with a lot of you, so here's part two. Let's dig deeper into that feeling of being so tired you can't explain it. That feeling when you sleep for hours but don't feel like you rested at all? That soul-tired feeling.

I'd like to talk more about burnout and how we often feel guilty about it. There's this shadow of judgment over us, right? Even if we're living the life we've always wanted, deep exhaustion can creep in. Guess what? It happens to celebs, athletes, CEOs, and regular people too. We can become addicted to our jobs, especially if we get to see how we are helping others.

I'll share my own experiences with burnout and how it can affect us psychologically and physically. Finding a balance that works for ambitious souls like us isn't just about relaxing at the spa. You're not alone if you're feeling soul-tired. Let's figure this out together. Come chat about burnout, self-care, and living your best life. Get ready for an honest and relatable conversation about burnout. We will discuss how even when we move through it the first time, we can end up right back where we started.

Let's move through burnout together.

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