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Overthinkers Unite It's Time to Calm Your Mind | Stress Series, Part 1 Your Mind

Welcome to the ultimate stress-busting real-talk series! It's time to start our three-part series that will turn your frazzled mind into a relaxed one. Today, we're diving headfirst into Your Mind.

I want you to imagine: you're ready for a relaxing session. You've got a bath ready, soothing meditation music queued up, and the best bath salts known to mankind. But wait for it... bam! Your mind takes you on a wild ride down the bustling streets of Las Vegas. Sound familiar? Don't worry, I feel your pain. I barely get a minute of silence before the chattering monkeys take over.

Why de-stressing our minds is so critical. It's not just about relaxing. I'm talking about supercharging your healing process. When you give your nervous system a break, it can finally relax and help you recover faster. So, how do we achieve this blissful state of mind? Step one: Take a step away from that addictive phone of yours. Step two: Brace yourself... it's time to breathe!

If you haven't already snagged our fabulous freebie, the three-part series called "Breathe Out Tension," you're missing out big time. Hop on over to right now and get your hands on it. I'll guide you through this space of de-stressing.

Once you're all set, find yourself a cozy spot, close those eyes, and let gratitude come to the front of your thoughts. Take a moment to check in with your body. Is there any tension? Recognize it. Take three deep breaths, and let relaxation set in. Now, here's the fun part: it's time to analyze those Las Vegas thoughts swirling in your head. Are they stress-fueled? Are they causing panic? It's time to break free from overthinking and reconnect with your body.

Stay tuned this week as I unveil the secrets to quieting your mind and forming a connection with your body. Remember, the key to unlocking relaxation lies in one simple act: breathe... and not just in any ordinary way, but yes, you guessed it—breathe into your butt hole!

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Connect with Dr. Audra

Think of this three-part audio series as a mini daily treatment for healing and preventing pain/injury. When you incorporate proper breathing mechanics and muscle cueing for just a few minutes a day, your brain will relax the neurological tension and spasm and allow the relief to flow. It's a method I use in my practice, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

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